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What We Do

Investment Approach

MEMM Capital is a holding company that invests in small and medium-sized businesses that share our vision of leveraging technology and process to drive revenue, reduce expenses, and improve customer outcomes. 


Our management team has deep experience in integrating technology to improve business processes that benefits employees, customers, and communities. We all share a fundamental belief in the power of people, process, and technology.

Our team includes entrepreneurs that have scaled and exited businesses to PE firms and Fortune 800 companies as well as executives from publicly traded companies. We are backed by leading family office investors and private equity groups that share in our passion for small and medium-sized businesses.

Once involved, we implement our proven playbook for scaling SMB companies in a sustainable, long-term way. Unlike traditional PE firms with 5-7 year buy and flip strategies, our investment timeline is indefinite.

We aim to preserve the legacy of the business and create the greatest positive impact we can for all stakeholders.

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Types of Investments

  • Outright majority acquisitions for retiring or exiting owners

  • Minority investments in profitable businesses looking to leverage technology to grow and gain market share

  • Investments in products created by profitable companies that can be commercialized and sold to other companies (we will invest in the company or in the rights to products we can sell with shared royalties)

Other Criteria

  • $1 million - $3 million EBITDA for  majority acquisitions

  • Industries of particular interest are financial and business services, insurance, staffing, logistics, distribution, eCommerce, and manufacturing

  • Ohio-based preference but open to any US based business

  • Durable businesses with traditional business models that have a long track record of profitability

  • Committed to the people and culture of your business

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